Top 12 Reasons for using Trough Sinks in Commercial Applications

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Concrete Trough sinks from everGreen are a unique and functional solution for commercial sink applications.  We ship anywhere in Canada and the USA and all of our sinks are custom fabricated to fit your exact requirements.




  • Simple, unique and elegant designs are pleasing to the eye and become a focal point.
  • Durable construction and finishes are designed to stand up to heavy use applications.
  • Color choices and textures are unlimited
  • Trough sinks prevent unsightly and unhygienic standing water from accumulating on counter space between sinks.
  • One piece designs eliminate caulking joints and seams around drop-in type sink basins which can accumulate mold and bacteria.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  •  Can be easily designed for barrier-free (wheel chair accessible) applications.  They can be easily suspended from the wall.
  • Each sink is custom built to fit exact space requirements.  All dimensions are changeable to meet any design requirement.
  • Installation is extremely simple.
  • A variety of trough styles and drain designs to choose from.
  • The elimination of counter space between  sinks creates the opportunity to incorporate more faucet stations in a set area. (wall mount or deck mount) .
  • Low energy input in our fabrication process, environmentally friendly mix designs, recycled aggregates, pozzolans and locally sourced materials generate LEEDS points for Green Building applications

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Triple Trough Sinks

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8AF352DB-4265-4B83-A9CC-4D5F42E66975We love the design on this one.  The millwork below provides an added detail, combining a hidden shroud for the plumbing below, compartments for the waste receptacles, as well as solid support for this 17 ft long trough system.

Commercial Washroom Renovation – Before and After

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As part of a complete washroom make-over, this entertainment facility recently received a facelift, which included trough sinks created by everGreen.  OK maybe this one might be considered an extreme example , but outdated,  worn-out multiple sink commercial washrooms can be found everywhere.  Excess countertop collects used hand towels, standing water,garbage etc.    The drop-in sinks collect bacteria around the edges.






Extended Box Trough AFTER

Our durable trough sinks can be customized to fit your exact space .  The trough profiles and styles are unlimited, in terms of  shape, depth and length.   There are lots of colors and textures to choose from.   Our trough sinks are designed to minimize the counter area that will collect dirty, standing water and drain the water as quickly as possible.  Installation costs are reduced, by eliminating the need to install drop in sinks.  They can easily be suspended from the wall, or  integrated with any kind of base.  The finish is extremely durable,  and very easy to clean.

Extended Trough Sink

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IMG_3326This one is just over 27 ft. long, all suspended from the wall.  There is a stepped up section at one end for barrier free accessibility.

Concrete is an ideal material for a Commercial Sink

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Concrete sinks always get noticed in commercial applications, including restaurants, bars, shopping malls, etc.  An infinite choice of colours, sink shapes and styles provide the flexibility to easily integrate the sink into your overall design.  From single vanity style applications to extended trough style sinks, everGreen can design and fabricate a sink that will be a definite focal point.


St.Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre

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Recently Evergreen Cast Stone provided concrete interior surfaces, including reception desks, kitchens, washroom vanities and display tables for the new St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre in Cornwall ON.  The  building opened in the summer of 2010, and is the new home of Ontario Power Generation’s many stories, specifically relating to the history of the St.Lawrence Seaway and Power Project.  The building was designed and constructed to LEED specifications, the latest in green, energy-saving technology.

If you use only green or recycled products, do they make your house GREEN?

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Products made from recycled materials don’t make a house “Green” any more than solar panels do. But it is important to keep the goals of sustainable building in mind when making purchasing decisions. That’s not always easy. Take for example a granite countertop. Granite is a natural material and is extremely durable. But what if the stone is imported from the Far East and is mined in a country where labour or environmental laws are suspect? How much energy is consumed if it has to be shipped to another country for polishing and then shipped to a distributor in North America, then to a fabricator for cutting and dimensioning before it finally reaches your home?

Choosing appropriate materials is a lost effort if the house wastes fuel or is poorly designed and built. But given the right context, green products are an important part of sustainability.