Concrete Sinks are Truly Unique

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Welcome to everGreen!

We offer an alternative to the mass manufactured white porcelain or plastic sinks that are found everywhere.

If you are truly looking for something different, you should take a closer look at what we can do.

We specialize in designing and crafting hand made, one of a kind concrete bathroom sinks for any application.  Our infinite selection of colours and textures , combined with the ability to integrate our many sink styles and countertops as one piece make each  creation truly unique.  Our sinks are specially designed and formed to exactly fit your space, whether it”s for an existing or new vanity or even suspended from the wall.  .  We also make custom sink shapes for unique spaces  or styles.

The possibilities are endless…..

The posts in this section provide examples of some of the many sink styles available.





Concrete is an ideal material for a Commercial Sink

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Concrete sinks always get noticed in commercial applications, including restaurants, bars, shopping malls, etc.  An infinite choice of colours, sink shapes and styles provide the flexibility to easily integrate the sink into your overall design.  From single vanity style applications to extended trough style sinks, everGreen can design and fabricate a sink that will be a definite focal point.


Extended Slot Drain Trough Sink

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This extended slot drain sink has a slot-drain running the length of the basin It is suspended from the wall, eliminating the need for any cabinetry and is wheel chair accessible.  This type of sink is ideal for bars, restaurants and other commercial applications.

Commercial Floating Vanity Top

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This concrete vanity top is suspended from the wall and requires no supporting cabinetry.  It is designed to follow the profile of a curved wall and is offset from the wall by a slight gap, creating a visual illusion that it is floating.  The two level design is used for wheel chair access and is ideal for restaurants, bars or any commercial applications.